Twelve 12s

A few months back at a party someone asked the question "What ten records define you as a person?" It was a great question that got everyone donning their thinking caps. If you have to define yourself with ten records what would they be? Are they tracks that changed your life or are they records that were the soundtrack to your life at a specific moment? Everyone's going to have their own take on this and we're no different here at playjazzloud HQ.

On the night we actually came up with just ten tracks but once we got home and got our hands on the iTunes library and the record shelf it became a whole different story. Ultimately we weren't able to stick with ten songs and so here are our twelve tracks that define us. Ask us in a couple of weeks and we'll probably come up with a completely different set of twelves. Listen below or download here.

1. Portishead "Glory Box"
2. Miles Davis "Conceierto de Aranjuez"
3. Stevie Wonder "Superstition"
4. De la Soul "A roller skating jam named Saturdays"
5. Fela Kuti "Water get no enemy"
6. Pharoah Sanders "You gotta have freedom"
7. Roy Ayers "Running"
8. The Smiths "Asleep"
9. Mark Murphy "My favorite things"
10. Masters at Work "Nervous track"
11. The Brand New Heavies "Dream Come True"
12. The Beatles "Here comes the sun"

runtime: about an hour.

What are your 10? er...12? Cover image is again from the amazing Charlie Harper archives.