playjazzloud sessions vol 87 [worldwide sounds]

Starting out this week with the fabulous voice of Lana Del Ray, expect more things from her. Three more tracks out right now from the great Brainfeeder records, one from Austin Peralta, one from Strangeloop and another from Thundercat joining the dots to Janelle Monae to Rotary Connection. Loving the new EP from Sephirot and there's a new collaboration from UniverSouLove and The Hedonist bringing jazz and poetry to a new level. MP3 direct download right here but as always please support the mix by listening, favoring and commenting via MixCloud. Also if you're on tumblr be sure to follow me there for all PJL brainwaves.

PJL Intro

Lana Del Ray - Video Games

Nicholas Jaar - What My Last Girl Put Me Through (Nico's Bluewave Edit)

Oliver Nelson - Stolen Moments

Austin Peralta - Introduction: The Lotus Flower

Matthew Halsall - Freedom Song

Thundercat - For love I come

Janelle MonĂ¡e - 57821 ft. Deep Cotton

Rotary Connection - Song For Everyman

Kanye West & Jay-Z - Otis

A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (We've Got)

Omar - Gimme Sum (Vocal version)

Soil & Pimp Sessions - Armageddon

Orchestre Poly-Rythmo - Ne te fache pas (Whiskey Baron's edit)

Lou Bond - To the establishment (Seegweed edit)

Sephirot - When the Neon is flashing

Strangeloop - Ghostlines

Wynton Marsalis - Skain's domain

Charlie Haden - Esta Tarde Vi Llover

UniverSouLove & The Hedonist - You touch me in a sentimental way

PJL Outro

runtime 1:28 mins