Daddy Ash in the house

Inspired by a couple of recent postings it was time for us to dig through our Ashley Beedle collection for a quick complication of some dance music's best records. He had many guises including The Black Science Orchestra, The Ballistic Brothers, X-press 2, The Black Jazz Chronicles, The London Heavy Disco Revue, and many others. Quite simply put he put out memorable and generation defining records. This is not a best of, far from it, this is just a sampling. To get the full story head to discogs, myspace, and two great posts at soundological. Enjoy the mix. Listen below or download here.

1. The Ballistic Brothers "Soho cab ride"
2. Bob Marley "Stand up jamrock" (Ashley Beedle Mix)
3. The Ballistic Brothers "Peckings"
4. The Ballistic Brothers "Blacker"
5. Patti Jo "Make me believe in you" (Ashley Beedle & Phil Asher Black Science Orchestra Re-Edit)
6. The Black Jazz Chronicles "Sun of my sons"
7. St. Germain "Alabama Blues " (Ashley Beedle Mix)
8. The Black Jazz Chronicles "If the creator came today"
9. Ashley Beedle "Revolutions in dub" (A dub for Daddy Ash)
10. Black Science Orchestra "Save us (the jam)"
11. The Ballistic Brothers "I'll fly away"
12. Shawn Lee "Happiness" (Ashley Beedle Mix)
13. The London Heavy Disco Revue "and justice for all"
14. The Ballistic Brothers "Groover's return"
15. Black Science Orchestra "St. Mark's Square"
16. The London Heavy Disco Revue "Magic Sky" (Glass Robot Mix)
17. X-Press 2 "Give it" (Quantic Soul Orchestra mix)
18. Black Science Orchestra "Where are you"
19. Hudson People "Trip to your mind" (Ashley Beedle Re-edit)

runtime: 1 hr 41 mins.


Objetsmart said...

Super super awesome, Ja Jule, but where is New Jersey Deep, may I ask you?

Julian said...

saving that one for vol 2 :)

gotta keep some bangers for the next installment!

cheeba said...

Oh snap! Somebody brought their A-Game! The only thing wrong with this mix is it's supposed to rain here all weekend and this would so hit the spot in the sunshine. Thanks Julian!

Next installment!?!

Julian said...

ah bummer about the rain! yup there'll be a vol 2 for sure, there's enough stuff for 4-5 volumes easy. I'll be sure to stick on BSO "Sunshine" in the next volume and bring out the sunshine.

cheeba said...

Julian! I have a hooj favour to ask...

Putting together a Marden Hill post and I'm missing the Sugarplums EP on Afro Art - got the b-side Bardot but could use the OG and the Ball Bros mix if you have them. Any luck and if so, would you be so kind?

Obviously you'll get credit from your contribution or if you have and want to post it instead, I'll link to your joint.

Regardless, thanks!

Julian said...

You know what I don't have that Marden Hill 12 on Afro Art. I found the original mix of sugarplums online and can email you that. email me at jc at and I'll send it to ya.

cheeba said...

you kick ass!