Jazz Sessions Vol 6

Back again with some random selections. We got everything from jazz to hip hop, funk to soul and then back to some more jazz. Download it here or listen below.

1. Dom um romoa "Africa"
2. Jackie Mittoo "Freak out"
3. Kylie Auldist "I don't wanna stop"
4. Debra Laws "How long"
5. The Landau Orchestra "Stevie Bam Jackson"
6. Group home "Up against the wall" (Getaway car mix)
7. Kissy Asplund "Hit me with medication"
8. Black Star "Brown skin lady"
9. will.i.am "Money"
10. Plantlife "Your love"
11. Average White Band "Soul searching"
12. Benjamine Devigne "Nostra Riva"
13. Marc Mac "By any means"
14. John Coltrane "Autume serenade"
15. Quintetto Lo Greco"Invitation"

runtime about an hour.

Cover art is "borrowed" from the Charley Harper collection. Great artist, check him out.


cheeba said...

Total winner! Should be called "There and Back Again." Jazz into rocksteady to soul, hip hop, some broken, back to jazz.

I keep hearing Kylie Auldist being name checked in the last week and now I know why! Is this with the Bamboos?

Great mix!

Julian said...

cheers mate!

Yeah the Kylie Auldist LP is through the Bamboos. I really like the track I stuck on this mix and there are a couple of stand out tracks on the LP as well but overall its not as strong as say Sharon Jones etc. probably need to give the CD another listen.

cheeba said...

Haven't heard the disc but she's come up last week in chats with friends in France, Germany, here in Montreal and in the States. Got older Bamboo efforts but definitely have to check this out.

BTW, great multi-purpose mix. Wife and I had it on today while we did some housekeeping and it was perfect for that too!

Julian said...

haha! love it, the perfect housekeeping mix :) that must have been a fun session.

Reza said...

Liking this one :)
Will drop you a mix if wanted ?

Julian said...

I'd be super honored man if you dropped a mix. Hit me up at jc @ playjazzloud dot com. It doesn't have to be jazz obviously and it doesn't have to NOT be jazz either if you get my drift. looking forward to it.