David Morales "Philadelphia"

Digging through out playajzzloud HQ vinyl rips we found something perfect for Friday sharing. David Morales is a house don and here he is in his Brooklyn Friends guise putting out a monster house anthem on Nite Grooves Records circa 1995. The pick of the 12" is the "original demo" version. Check it out below and download both mixes here. You can find a whole bunch on sale here. Enjoy the weekend.


cheeba said...

Not the hugest Morales fan but every once in a while he hits my spot. Not surprising he does it on Nite Grooves, I used to pick up most 12"s without listening it's such a solid label.


Julian said...

totally true. super solid label with some amazing house and jazzy house tracks back in the day. Agreed on Morales, a little too commercial for me at times as well.