Guest Mix #2: El Reza

We're back again with another guest mix and bwoy do we have an amazing selection of jazz for you. We've been checking El Reza's blog for a while and it was one of the first music blogs we checked regularly, the knowledge dropped there is intense! You can find regular postings from El Reza over at Sounds from the edge of the universe a great blog that should not be missed. No more typing just get right into the mix below and let the jazz sounds blow you away just like it did to us when the mix dropped into our inbox. Listen below or download the un-mixed version here and the mixed version here.

01 "Impressions of Copenhagen" Joe Bonner
02 "Revival Time" Fitz Gore
03 "Rain Forest" Solar Plexus
04 "Loco Love Motor" Augusto Martelli
05 "Tasha" Odell Brown
06 "Molewrench" Graham Collier
07 "Blue Bizz" Jef Gilson
08 "A Taste Of Latin" Ricardo Marrero

runtime: 65 mins

Got a mix? Hit us up. We're always looking for guest mixes to keep things fresh.


Reza said...

Many thanks much appreciated :)

Julian said...

no thank you :)

Greg said...

oldie but but goddie? Hefty download though (175mb)
lots of old dingwalls classix about 2.5 hours worth

i can send artwork and trax later if you want?


g.raf said...

Thanks for a great mix Reza.
Thanks to you too julian, it is my first visit here but i shall be back!

Greg said...

btw Julian thanks for the kind words bout the blog!

Julian said...

Greg I got the mix on the DL and excited to check it out. the sounds of dingwalls is getting me ready to hit the dance floor! would love a track list and artwork if you have. love to make this post happen in the next couple of weeks. hit me up with a direct email at jc @ playjazzloud dot com.

Julian said...

thx for checking things out g.arf. keep on coming back we have weekly mixes and other stuff when time permits!

Greg said...

will do Julian prob at the weekend sometime :)

Greg said...

got yer msg julian defo this weekend, one hell of a bad week :(

cheeba said...

Absolutely beautiful set, entranced me from end-to-end. Thanks Reza and thanks Julian! Look forward to see who else you're going to tap for your guest mix series.

Julian said...

looks like Greg is going to be next up on the mix front, look out for it, it's an epic 2 hr classic :)