iToner | get ringtones on your iPhone

This isn't a regular podcast post but when we come across cool little gadgets it's had not to shout about it to everyone else. If, like us, you've been bummed that you can only get iTunes store music as your iPhone ringtone, be bummed no more. With iToner you can have Sun Ra chime when the missus calls, Amp Fiddler can be your booty call jingle, and MF Doom can spit when your turntablist chums holler.

It's a no hack situation so you don't have to worry about voiding your warranty. It's very simple, find yourself a suitably amusing or fitting mp3, edited it down to 10-15 seconds with any music program like Garage Band and plug your iPhone into your Mac (iToner is Mac only), load up iToner and drag and drop your newly created ringtones and you're good to go. Now you just need someone to call you!

iToner comes from the nice people at Ambrosia Software (who are among others creators of the very cool Sketch Fighter game) and they're offering iToner for $15 and there's a 30 day fully functioning demo you can use to try it out for free! Now go and get that fresh white label you picked up at the store yesterday ripped and downloaded to your iPhone. Friends will be jealous.

check it out here