Things #8 | IG Culture 5

We're back again and we got ourselves a theme! On the back of a great new album release (Zen Badizm) it's time to pay some respect to UK's unsung hero IG Culture. You've heard him as Likid Biskit, NSM, New Sector Movements, Son of Scientist, Dodge City Productions and just plain old IG Culture among many other names. Here're 5 snippets of his vast catalog. It's by no means a "top 5" just 5 of many great great tracks. Enjoy.

1. NSM "The Fame"
2. Dodge City Productions "The Road in Front of me" (The Black Mix)
3. IG Culture "Girl U need a change of mind" from the new album "Zen Badizm"
4. J-88 "Get it together" (IG Culture version)
5. Alex Malheiros & Banda Utopia "The Wave" (IG Culture Science Jazz and Politics Mix)

21:14 mins

Go check his new album out now on Japanese import "Zen Badizm" by IG Culture. What's your fav IG production?