The Playjazzloud Picture Show Vol. 1

No post last week thanks to a nice early summer holiday trip to Europe. Back this week with a full mix! Inspired but a slew of quality movies with exceptional soundtracks at the end of 2007 we at the playjazz HQ went and dug through our little soundtrack LP collection to bring you volume one in "The Playjazzloud Picture Show" series.

In this first volume we stick to only selecting music that was composed specifically for a movie (if we've missed any please let us know). There's so much good music that there will definitely be more series from where this came from.

1. Jonny Greenwood "Future Markets" [There will be blood]
2. Roy Budd "Intro" [Get Carter]
3. Forrest Whitaker Samurai Code Quote #3 [Ghostdog: Way of the Samurai]
4. Mark Mothersbaugh "Look at that old grizzly bear" [The Royal Tenenbaums]
5. Unknown "Tonight my love" [Unknown Bollywood Film]
6. Martial Solal "A bout de souffle" [À bout de souffle]
7. Air "Highschool Lover" [The Virgin Suicides]
8. Cinematic Orchestra "Work it" [The Man with a Movie Camera]
9. Franco De Masi & A. Alessandroni "Terma di londra M.1" [Colpo maestro al servizio di Sua Maestà britannica]
10. Willie Hutch "Slick" [The Mack]
11. Antonio Pinto & Ed Cortes "Meu Nome e ze pequeno" [City of God]
12. Ennio Morricone "Per un pugno di dollari" [A Fist Full of Dollars]
13. Gustavo Santaolalla "Is there a way to help her?" [21 Grams]
14. Umebayasi Shigeru "Yumeji's Theme" [In the Mood for Love]
15. Marco Beltrami "The 3:10 to Yuma" [3:10 to Yuma]
16. Herbie Hancock "Bring down the birds" [Blow Up]
17. Jonny Greenwood "Proven Lands" [There will be Blood]
18. Nino Rota "The Godfather Waltz" [The Godfather]

35:15 minutes

What are your favorite soundtracks?