An impromptu mix to get things rolling for all the Memorial Day BBQ action in the states today. Not exactly what we'd imagine many folks across America will be blasting on their boom boxes at their family BBQs but hey what the heck someone out there will dig some jazz, soul, funk, and Brazilian vibes at their BBQ! Enjoy.

1. NB "So Sound"
2. Daisuke Tanabe "Fog"
3. Carlos Nino & Lil Sci "Constant"
4. Level 42 "Starchild"
5. Breakwater "Work it out"
6. Roy Ayers "Fever"
7. Sahib Shihab "Seeds"
8. Gerardo Frisina "Donke De"
9. Benjamin Herman "Backdrop 1"
10. Tribe "Livin in a new day"
11. The Visitors "Naima"
12. Antonio Carlos Jobim "Brazil"

runtime 56:20

thoughts and comments in the er...comments section.

p.s. thanks to for the image.


anwannymous said...

OMG you so brought the Level 42! Thanks! In true American dream form, I worked today, and without a barbie your mix brought me happily to deadline. Thanks PJL for always bringing the sounds as they should be brought. Hearting you more than you know.
PS still rocking the 2007 Rewind on repeat like it was 2007.

Julian said...

can't believe they made you work today! evil people!!! deadlines should be extended an extra day :) It would have been different in LA.

wanna said...

Eh- Working for Canadians trying to get ahead in America. What are you gonna do. Hey you should send a mix to my boy davon at Spread love (in Kerry Chandler Voice).

Julian said...

spread love indeed! your friend has a nice site. sent them an email will see what happens :) when r u hitting LA again?