That singer song writer thing

It's been a couple weeks off for us at the HQ and we're back with something a little different. The singer song writer indie rock thing is big stuff in the playjazzloud HQ neighbourhood of Silverlake and here's a quick mix of what we dig. Enjoy the mix, download it here or here or listen below.

1. Memphis "A little place in the wilderness"
2. The Whitest Boy Alive "Inflation"
3. Alexi Murdoch "All my days"
4. Feist "So sorry"
5. Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins "Happy"
6. Jun Muyake "As tears go by"
7. Coconut Records "Slowly"
8. Memphis "I'll do whatever you want"
9. Sea Wolf "You're a wolf"
10. American Analog Set "Know by heart"
11. Band of Horses "St. Augustine"
12. Brazzaville "Leo"
13. She and Him "Why do you let me stay here"
14. Rilo Kiley "So Long"
15. The Reindeer Section "Your sweet voice"
16. Thief "(like) leaves"
17. Paul Weller "The loved"
18. Andrew Bird "Sovay"
19. Elliott Smith "Say yes"

runtime: 1 hr 6 mins


Julian said...

trying out a new mix sharing service call Mixeeba and that's why there're two links to download the mp3. try it out!

cheeba said...

hrmm...that mixeeba didn't want to work for me. would dl 512k then stop. i'd start again, it would dl 512k and then stop. i tried to start again and got kicked cuz it detected multiple dl's from same ip. divshare, as usual, like a cham it woiked.

btw, the new paul weller came out on this side of the pond today

Julian said...

that is super annoying with the mixbee situation. try the iTunes subscribe option on the right side of the page or try the first link in the post for the divshare download link. I guess i should make it easier and post it here :)

Julian said...

need to check the new paul weller, heard some tracks off of it and it's great.

cheeba said...

No worries with finding divshare on the o.g. post, it worked well as always. Hope you can stick w/ divshare as well, won't go near iTunes with a ten foot tonearm.

Haven't heard a track yet from the Weller but I'll be buying it this weekend!

rwr said...

paul weller album is really good.

downloaded from mixeeba with no problems, its the divshare I can't download from keeps presenting the player option only. really wanted to listen to the african mix on my mp3 player. could only stream it. Is that how divshare is supposed to work?

Julian said...

like all the download service sites they seriously make you LOOK to find the actual download link. On Divshare if you look to the right side of the screen there's a link "download original" with a musical note icon next to it. Hit that and the download will get going.

enjoy and if you have probs let me know, I should probably hit it up at the Mixeeba place too at some point.

thx for checking these out!