Jazz Sessions Vol 7: Strictly Vinyl

We're dusting off our vinyl collection at PJL HQ for a strictly vinyl selection, no CDs, MP3s or any other kind of digital trickery. It's always surprisingly refreshing to just pick records off the shelf, nothing can beat the feel of vinyl in your hand. Download it here or listen below.

1. Jair Rodrigues "Ciume, inveja e rancor"
2. Willie Bobo "Sunny"
3. Nancy Wilson "Sunshine"
4. The Impossibles "California"
5. Jose Feliciano "Lay Lady Lay"
6. Milt Jackson "Flying Saucer"
7. Klaus Doldinger "Fiesta"
8. Mark Murphy "Why and how"
9. Horace Silver "Keep on getting up"
10. Odyssey "Our lives are shaped by what we live"
11. Julius Brockington "This feeling"
12. Young Disciples "Step right on"
13. Black Science Orchestra "Hey Steve (your mama's callin)"
14. Blue Six "Pure" (Jay's Undercover Dub)
15. Deep Dish presents Prana "The Dream" (Sharam's Deep Dish Dreamscape)
16. Janet Jackson "When I think of you" (Deep Dish Quiet Storm Dub)
17. N'Dambi "Call Me" (Yam Who Rework)

runtime 1 hr 15 mins, Enjoy.

Our cover image this week is from Christopher Silas Neal whose work we came across on a poster for a Zero 7 & Jose Gonzales gig at the Filmore in SF. Check him out.


cheeba said...

Hey Julian, sorry I haven't got back to you on this one...been a hectic week.

This mix has actually helped to get me through the last couple days.

Especially track 10 because it has been an anthem for a few days. Plus that Yam Who remix at the end. That cat's a genius. I'm also surprised how much I like the DeepDish remix of Janet. Is it an older one? I dug some of the early stuff but a lot of that prog-house stuff they did in the later 90s left me cold. That track was hot.

Thanks again for the ear candy!

Julian said...

glad you're enjoying the mixes. sounds like it was a rough week, bro! yeah the Odyssey track is beautiful, found it off a Mojo Dance Floor Jazz comp, I think the original one.

Yeah the deep dish stuff is from mid 90s ish. Their work back then was amazing, really not a big fan of their stuff since the first full album they did.