Playjazzloud goes House Vol 2

Getting ready for the holiday weekend? We're back one more time with a heavy offering of house sounds. This is an older mix from the HQ racks and there're a couple unidentified tunes, please excuse our poor memory and do enlighten us if you know what they are. Find the mix here or here or listen below.

1. Origin ft Shake "Music man"
2. Dr. Rockit "Cameras and Rocks"
3. International Pony "Leaving Home" (Akufen Mix)
4. Porks Watch "Millions Toes"
5. Unknown
6. Unknown
7. Fat Freddy's Drop "Hope" 3 Generations Walking Mix
8. Glenn Underground "Slowly"
9. Nick Holder "No more dating DJs" (John Ciafone Vocal Mix)
10. Mike Delgado "Phunk Carnival"
11. 100% Pure Poison "Windy C" (Kon Re-edit)
12. Max Segley vs. Busta Rhymes "Dangerously Happy"
13. Afrodisiac Sound System "2000 Girl Billie Jean"
14. Amp Fiddler "Dreaming" (Yam Who? Rework)

runtime: 1 hr 8 mins

This week's graphic is borrowed from the amazing Banksy. You should know all about him already and if you don't, why not?


cheeba said...

Nice deep set, Julian. Still can't put my finger on that first unkown track, it's buggin' me. The last few are killer, that Yam Who? kid sure knows how to do it.

Julian said...

I figured it out. the unknown tracks are not 2 tracks but 1 only. It's Martino "4 Am in mourning" on Art of Sisco. I thought it was this but hadn't dug out the copy of vinyl from storage to check, finally did it tonight. woohoo mystery solved.