The Cans Festival: Stencil Art

We're big fans of "Stencil Art" here at the HQ and maybe you are too. There's been a great revival of late in stencil art fueled by great artists from the UK, Brazil, Europe and across the US. The most visible is Banksy (although technically he's not that visible since no one knows what he looks like) but there are a tremendous amount of other great artists working in the movement around the world. The recent and ongoing "Cans Festival" in London was an open invitation to artists from around the world to come and create art in the grimy streets of East London that we would say is the perfect backdrop. Here are a few selected pics and do check the bottom of the post for a series of links to flicker albums from the show. If you have some good pics as well please post them in the comments section.

Gallery 1
Gallery 2
Gallery 3



Mr Mantle said...

Alright boss playa!!

I love the stencil stuff - have you seen some of the hidden stuff down Brick Lane? I added some to my blog the other day. Check it!

Julian said...

no I haven't seen the Brick lane stuff but I'm about to come correct by checking your blog posting :)

cheers for the heads up.