Playjazzloud Picture Show Vol 2

We're back once more with another film inspired mix. Listen below or download here.

1. Nino Rota "Main Theme from Amarcord" (Amarcord)
2. Henri Mancini "Birdie Num-Num" (The Party)
3. John Barry "Alone in three quarter time" (The Ipcress File)
4. Mark Mothersbaugh "Hardest Geometry Problem in the World" (Rushmore)
5. Jerry Goldsmith "Love theme from Chinatown" (Chinatown)
6. David Holmes "I think you flooded it" (Out of Sight)
7. Manu Dibango "Go slow streets" (Kusini)
8. Herbie Hancock "Revolution" (The Spook Who Sat By The Door)
9. Luiz Bonfá "Manha De Carnaval 3" (Black Orpheus)
10. Luiz Bonfá "Manha De Carnaval" (Black Orpheus)
11. Gianni Marchetti "Amore In Controluce" (Il Magnifico Tony Carrera)
12. James Newton Howard "Drive to the field" (Michael Clayton)
13. Gustavo Santaolalla "Iguazo" (The Insider)
14. Marvin Gaye "Cleo's Apartment" (Trouble Man)
15. Henri Mancini "Bagdad On Thames" (Arabesque)
16. John Barry "A man Alone III" (The Ipcress File)
17. Olivier Bernet "Golé Yakh" (Persepolis)
18. Stan Getz & Eddie Sauter "Morning Ecstasy (Under the Scaffold)" (Mickey One)
19. Stan Getz & Eddie Sauter "Is There Any Word/So This Is the Word" (Mickey One)
20. Henri Mancini "Tana's Theme" (A Touch of Evil)

Runtime: 50 minutes. Enjoy.

Thanks to Bobby Parafino for the cover image taken outside the Tate Modern.