Playjazzloud Radio Show Demo

We don't just go digging in record crates here at playjazzloud HQ, we also like to take a peek at our old mixes pre-blogisphere days. Here's one we did as a demo for the in-progress FYE FM internet radio station. Formed by folks over at, "Fun Your Ears" is an irregular club night in London town. The radio station has been a long gestating project that's likely to hit the internet super highway in 2009. In the meantime you can check out what the playjazzloud radio show would be like. Download it here. Enjoy!

1. Radio Citizen "Everything"
2. Dudley Perkins "Moma" (Instrumental)
3. Dudley Perkins "Moma"
4. DJ Tonk "All Night"
5. Povo "You Are" (Nicola Conte New Samba Mix)
6. Nils Petter Molvaer "His Name Is" (Re:Jazz Version)
7. Roots Manuva "A Haunting"
8. Recloose "Dust" (Submarina Mix)
9. Zimpala "Sweatest Land"
10. Wings "Let em in" (Re-Edit)

runtime: 44 minutes.


wanna said...

!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your voice commentary - so nice to hear PJL's got smooth pipes, not just quick record sifting fingers. Should do more often. Thanks again for bringin' the down home uk trackstylings to the west coast.

Julian said...

you're too kind! get yourself down to LA again soon. was in NYC, saw jamie and he says hi!

cheeba said...

dope choice of trax as always Julian!

cool to hear the vox too...smoove!