Go Vote! A mix of revolutionary soul, funk hip-hop and jazz.

It happens once every four years and I'm not talking about the World Cup here. America is at a crossroads right now and no matter which side you are for and against what's most important is that you go out and cast your vote and fight for what you believe in. If you don't vote you can't complain for the next four years. To inspire you to get off your arse we at playjazzloud HQ bring you a mix of soul, funk, hip-hop and jazz with a revolutionary mandate. Go vote! Cause we can't. Listen below or download here.

1. Gil-Scott Heron "The revolution will not be televised"
2. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings "This land is your land"
3. Marc Mac "Liberation Drums"
4. Ester Marlow "Things ain't right"
5. Max Roach "Freedom day"
6. Olu Butterfly "If we do nothing"
7. Sarah Webster Fabio "Black back Sheeba's"
8. Roy Ayers "Holiday" (DJ Spinna Mix)
9. Madlib & Tablib Kwali pres Liberation "What can I do"
10. The Whatnauts "Why can't people be colours too"
11. The Flames "Stand up and be counted"
12. Gil-Scott Heron "The Klan"

runtime: 50 minutes.