The return of Daddy Ash!

Volume one of our Ashley Beedle rewind selection went down so well that we had to drop volume two. Truth be told there were just so many tracks we couldn't fit into the first mix and there's going to be a volume 3 and 4 for sure. Whatever words of wisdom we had to say about Ashley Beedle can be found here at our original post. Volume 2 is definitely hitting the house side of things more and bwoy is there some great music to be had. And yes we were saying New Jersey Deep for volume 2 and there are a couple of other classics that we'll be spreading out to our next volumes and yes we will be including a different mix of Blacker in every volume, we'll see how long we can go with that classic. Listen below or download here or here.

1. East Village Loft Society "Manhattan Anthem"
2. Ballistic Brothers "Cubafro con amigos"
3. Black Science Orchestra "Ladyland"
4. Black Science Orchestra "Sunshine" (Soul Weekender Mix)
5. Black Science Orchestra "City of brotherly love"
6. Black Science Orchestra "Keep on Keepin On" (The Road to Washington Mix)
7. Black Science Orchestra "Leroy's Hustle"
8. Black Science Orchestra "New Jersey Deep" (Swag Re-Edit)
9. Lisa Stansfield "The Line" (Black Science Magic Session Part 1)
10. Airto "City Sushi Man" (Ashley Beedle Mix)
11. Funky Green Dogs "Body" (Ashley Beedle Sirus Red Hard Mix)
12. Heller & Farley "Deep Sensation" (The Black Science Jump St. Remix)
13. Masters at Work "To be in love" (The Tribal Science Xtra Kut)
14. Los Jugaderos "What you doing to this girl"
15. Ballistic Brothers "Blacker" (The Marden Hill Sweet Green Jam Mix)


cheeba said...

You know I want it! Another killer mix from the Beedle catalogue...lotsa of surprises here too. Cheers!

Julian said...

thx mate! it was another fun one to put together. I shouldn't be surprised but there really is just so much good music from his man and his crew!