Brownswood mixtape

Over this past X'mas the folks over at the brownswood message board do what is now a yearly mixtape exchange for the holidays. The last two years we've been super on time with our selection but this year we were a little behind but final got our selection together among all the year end wrap up mixes we were doing. Thanks for your patience Gordon! Now that X'mas is over here is it for everyone to enjoy. Listen below or download from here.

1. Ski Oakenfold "New Orleans under attack"
2. Jimi Tenor "Anywhere, anytime"
3. Jumbonics "The world is upside down"
4. Gaggle ft. Skidaround "No more"
5. Paranoml "Take time"
6. Main Source "Looking at the front door"
7. Rae & Christian "Let it go" (Groove Armarda's country house remix)
8. Braintax ft. Taskforce "Godnose"
9. Rodney P "The nice up" (Yam Who? rework)
10. The Bahama Soul Club "But rich rhythms"
11. Ibrahim Ferrer "Prefide Ind"
12. DJ Patife & Max Castro "Carnival"
13. Bassie "Good Bait"
14. Doces Bárbaros "Chuckberry fields forever"

runtime 1:15 mins


mindflyer 小飞人 said...


Thanks for the music :)

Something wrong with the link.

Add ".mp3" to link to download.

Julian said...

Hey mate, again thanks for looking out on the tech issues! Been very sloppy with my posting of late leading to a few tech issues :)