Guest mix Vol 7 | DJ Dani Richmond take 2

Great guest mix to post this week. It's the return of the one and only DJ Dani Richmond with a lovely mix perfect for a lazy afternoon chilling by the pool. The Fela track at the end is a killer! Listen below, find it and other mixes from Dani on SoundCloud, or subscribe to the feed via iTunes or another player. Big thanks as usual to Dani.

1. Canonball Aderley - “Mercy, mercy, mercy”
2. Deodato - “Also sprach Zatustra”
3. The Crusaders - “It’s my thing”
4. Freddie Hubbard - “Povo”
5. Eddie Henderson - “Inside you”
6. Billy Cobham - “Stratus”
7. Earl Moseley - “Fly in the soup”
8. Lonnie Smith - “Move your hand”
9. The Pharoahs - “Tha Pharaohs Love Y'all”
10.Lonnie Liston Smith - “Give peace a chance”
11. Donald Byrd - “The Emperor”
12. Fela Anikulapo Kuti - “He miss road”