Jazz Sessions Archive Edition Vol. 2

We are back with volume two of our look back at a bunch of CDRs dug up in spring cleaning. This one used to be called "Soul boy sessions" and hopefully it should be obvious why. There's only one track that we (or Shazam) can't pin point, we can see the cover of the 10 inch perfect but can't for the life remember what it says on it and all the records are in temporary storage right now. Listen below, download here, subscribe to the feed via iTunes or another player.

1. Platinum Pied Pipers "Ridin' high"
2. Peven Everett "One more time"
3. Cunnie Williams "Saturday"
4. Omar "There's nothing like this"
5. Gwen McCrae "90% of me is you"
6. Unknown
7. Ballistic Brothers "Peckings"
8. Roy Ayers "2000 Black"
9. Boz Scaggs "Dirty low down"
10. Earth, Wind and Fire "Evil"
11. Carolyn Crawford "Good and Plenty"
12. Patterson Twins "Gonna find a true love"
13. Llorca "I Cry"
14. Georg Levin "When I'm with you"
15. Erlend Oye "Ghost Train"
16. Ella Fitzgerald "Sunshine of your love"
17. RJD2 "Final Frontier"
18. Amp Fiddler "eye to eye"

runtime 1:12 mins.

Our artwork this week is "borrowed" from Carlo Van de Roer whose photography is awesome.