That (kinda) Singer Song Writer Thing Vol. 2

After a work/life enforced week break we are back firing with another mix. We're bringing volume two in our series focused on indie folk/rock singer song writer shizzle, everything from the recent Bon Iver to Violent Femmes! It's not all jazz and house around here. Listen below or download form here.

1. Bon Iver "Skinny Love"
2. My Morning Jacket "Sec Walkin"
3. Fruit Bats "Canyon Girl"
4. Camera Obscura "Lloyd I'm ready to be heartbroken"
5. Portishead "Deep Water"
6. Sebastian Tellier "Bye bye"
7. Last Days of April "Piano"
8. Benji Huges "Neighbor down the hall"
9. Clara Hills "Be like that"
10. Patrick Watson "Beijing"
11. The Submarines "The Good Night"
12. Gram Rabbit "Hot pink Hawaii"
13. The Shins "Sleeping Lessons"
14. Violent Femmes "Blister in the sun"
15. Deerhunter "Agroaphobia"
16. Band of Horses "The First Song"
17. Midlake "We gathered in spring"
18. Coconut Records "Microphone"
19. Thief "Down Down"

runtime just over an hour.

Pic this week is from the awesome Banksy catalog!