Play Jazz Loud Sessions Vol 24

We're not 100% positive but this might be the last mix before our annual rewind selections. A mixed bag this week with a bunch of tasty edits coming from SoundCloud that showcase some of the great talent knocking around there. Late new album this year from General Electriks is sounding hot and Gilles Peterson's Cuban double CD action just keeps giving with another hot tune this week from Danay. There's some English Beat this week as well as some old Faze Action. Enjoy. Listen below or download from here or listen on MixCloud.

1. ft. Supernatural "Bomb Bomb"
2. J-Rawls "The Lee Morgan Story"
3. Flevans "Flicker"
4. General Electriks "Raid the Radio"
5. The Spinners "Do it Do it" (Mark Wayward's Slow Break Edit)
6. Gilles Peterson présent Danay "Individual"
7. Two Tons of Fun "Never Like This"
8. Povo "City Blues"
9. Pierce Brothers "Party People"
10. The English Beat "Sole Salvation"
11. Drop In Sessions "Mode for old man"
12. Faze Action "Vigilante Song"
13. Nina Simone "Baltimore" (Ex-Friendly Refix)
14. Bob Marley "Kaya" (DJ Toby Gee Re-edit)
15. Dub Traffik Control "Juana Tijuana"

Runtime: 1 hour 11 minutes


El Poeta said...

cheers for dropping dtc

playjazzloud said...

our pleasure. keep the great music coming!

Bombolino said...

awesome! any more info on Drop In Sessions cut? I can't find it anywhere...