playjazzloud sessions vol 71

Friday saw the release of the new record from Radiohead and I had to try really hard to limit myself to only playing 3 of the 8 tracks from what is a cracking album. Taking off from where they left off in 2007's "In Rainbows" the new record may not break big new ground but there are signs that new sounds are creeping in and expect the next record to hit uncharted territories for sure. Aside from pouring praise on the new Radiohead record I have the usual jazz sounds curtousey of Finn Peters (who has a great new record), Sleepwalker, Donald Byrd, Nicola Conte and more. There's a slight latin vibe in the session as well with sounds from Jorge Ben, Meirelles, and Roberto Fonseca. There's (what I believe is) the debute full length from Bajka (you'll know her voice from work with Radio Citizen and Bonobo) and I have one track from that. Thanks to The Hedonist from UK Jazz Radio for turning me onto the track from Lazy Rebel, wicked. Enjoy and until next week when I'll be bringing you a guest mix to freshen things up. Listen above or download from here.

PJL Intro

Radiohead - Codex

Meirelles - Camtemplacao

Jorge Ben - Take It Easy My Brother Charlie

Gene Russell - Get Down

Erykah Badu - Gone baby, don't be long

Johnny Pacheco - Boogaloo de Johnny (Quantic Remix)

Nicola Conte - Groovy Samba

Lazy Rebel - This city breathes

Radiohead - Little by Little

Henrik Schwarz - Chicago

Blackbusters - Old Man (Blackbeard Edit)

Finn Peters - One state of mind

Donald Byrd - Blues well done

Sleepwalker - Wind

Dick Morrisey Quartet - Storm Warning

Roberto Fonseca - Siete Potencias

Bajka - The Barrister's Dream

Deerhoof - Must fight current

Radiohead - Separator

PJL Outro

runtime 1 hr 29 mins