Things that make you go...Jazz #3

Week 3 and things are still going strong. This week we're highlighting music that's pumping through our speakers via the blogisphere. We are dedicated surfers digging online for new music from today & yesterday and we are forever indebted to other bloggers digging the crates and sharing their gems with the rest of the internet. So this week our four tracks come from fellow music blogs with an emphasis on music you won't find in your local Virgin Megastore, HMV or even some of the more well stocked used record stores. Enjoy and shout out to these blogs for sharing the music, 4Brothers Beats, El Reza, and A Pyrex Scholar.

1. Arthur Adams "I Gotta Help my People"
2. Willis Jackson "Hello, Good Luck"
3. Ruby Andrews "Good 'n Plenty"
4. Masabumi Kikuchi Sextet "If I said the sky was falling"

runtime 20:54

Enjoy. As usual hit us up with thoughts and feedback in the comments section! It's vain but we want to know we are loved.