Things that make you go...Jazz #2

Week 2 of our new series is upon us and its time to stop the presses as we are following through with a new selection! Yes yes 2008 is the year of the follow through. This week we bring you five tracks that have been buzzing through our speakers, three of which are from three of the biggest albums for 2008. Yes we're only in March but we are pretty certain that the Erykah Badu (first album in 5 years), Two Banks of Four and Jamie Lidell albums will be at the top of everyone's charts come the end of 2008. Be sure to check them out. We threw in a couple of oldies so its not just new new new. Props to the chaps at 4 Brothers Beats for the Nancy Wilson track, worth digging for.

1. Erykah Badu "Telephone"
2. Two Banks of Four "Shadowlands"
3. Nancy Wilson "I'm in Love"
4. Nino Moschella "Better Off"
5. Jamie Lidell "All I Wanna Do"


Enjoy. If you're in LA this weekend don't miss RAMP live along with the Rebirth. Until next week.


dk said...

This is great! I love this mix.

Julian said...

oh my lord we have "a" fan! thank you thank you.