Things that make you go...Jazz #1

We're starting a series of new posts today with the weekly (hopefully) "Things that make you go...Jazz" round up. A good deal of music (new and old) fly by the desk here at playjazz HQ and it seems fitting for us to put together a mix up of tracks that are doing the heavy rotation. We'll be making it short and sweet aiming to sum up the week with 4-5 tracks. Hope you enjoy the series. Play it loud.

1. The Sonoar Kollectiv Orchestra "Love, You & I"
2. Clifford Jordan "John Coltrane"
3. The Cinematic Orchestra "Ode to the big sea" (Four Tet Mix)
4. Bill Withers "Lonely Town, Lonely Street"
5. Zap Mama "Supermoon"

Trying out a new system for this series, it's only available to listen on the page (click the flash player above). If you do want a download link, hit us up in the comments section and we'll sort it out. As always comments, comments, comments.