Play Jazz Sessions #3 | April Mix

We're starting very quiet this week and it'll just get louder and louder. Enjoy!

1. Air "Alone in Kyoto"
2. Two Banks of four "Junkyard Gods"
3. Jun Miyake "Terjeitos"
4. Mary Lou Williams "Dat Dere"
5. Jean-Luc Ponty "Computer incantations for world peace"
6. Kraak and Smaak "Keep on Searching"
7. Metro Area "Miura"
8. Franck Roger ft. Mr. V "Come back to me"
9. The Fly Guys "Fly guys rap"
10. The Maytals "Night and day"
11. The Tongue "Real Thing"
12. Rita Calypso "Who's Afraid?"
13. Undisputed Truth "Sandman"
14. The Beatles "Cayene"
15. Kellee Patterson "I'm gonna love you just a little more, baby"
16. London Experimental Jazz Quintet "Destroy the Nihilist Picnic"
17. The High Five Quintet "Conversation" (Nicola Conte Mix)

just over an hour. Thoughts and feedback, hit us up in the comments section.