Things #6 | Jazz today + She & Him

It's the magic number times two as we hit the sixth edition of our "Thing that make you go...Jazz" series. This week we actually get real jazzy with a good sampling of great modern day jazz music that'll make you groove your thing. To keep things fresh we wrap up with something completely different.

First up is the side project of Japan's Soil & Pimp Sessions backing band, J.A.M. is mostly instrumental cuts but here's a vocal cut featuring NYC's (or Brooklyn to be 100% correct) finest Jose James. Next we go to Finland for The Stance Brothers and a cut from their new debut LP Kind Soul. Then we get Afro-Cuban jazzy with The Rhythmagic Orchestra out of Brighton with two cuts from their release on Impossible Ark Records. Made up of members of Nostalgia 77, Plumstead Radical Club and others this is quality jazz coming out of the UK. Don't sleep on it, in fact buy anything that comes out of Impossible Ark. We finish up with something completely different on a country/folk tip, sounds like it could have been recorded many years ago, "I thought I saw your face today" is one of thirteen beautiful songs on the new She & Him LP title Volume One. Read all about them online and make your own judgments but good music is good music.

1. J.A.M. ft. Jose James "Jazzy Joint"
2. The Stance Brothers "Capricorn"
3. Rhythmagic Orchestra "Turuato"
3. Rhythmagic Orchestra "African Mailman"
5. She & Him "I thought i saw your face today"

18:15 minutes.

Enjoy and feedback as usual.