Things #7 | Return from NYC Selection

After a one week hiatus we are back with more new (and old) music for you to sample. We hit Denmark with Sahib with a track he recorded with the Danish Radio Jazz Group, then to Ethiopia with Mulatu, downunder with The Bamboos, and then off to the UK for the last two tracks. One from Mr. Beatnick (cheers for the mp3) and then off with some modern soul funk action from Jamie Lidell.

1. Sahib Shihab “ Dance of the Fakowees”
2. Mulatu Astake “Metche Dershe”
3. The Bamboos ft. Ohmega Watts “Get in the scene”
4. Mr. Beatnick ft. Ahu “I know all the bitches”
5. Jamie Lidell “Figured me out”

21:15 minutes.

Enjoy and feedback as usual.


dk said...

This is great! I like all the tracks but especially tracks two and three.

Julian said...

thx :)

Reza said...

you left a comment on the last one thought you may like this as am not posting anymore :)

Julian said...

Many thx reza, it's on the download! and i'll be missing your posts!