Crossroads Los Angeles

We were asked a little while back to put together a mix inspired by Los Angeles for a blog that's now sadly defunct. Well we still went ahead and put one together. A few of these tracks were spinning on repeat in our mental world long before we moved out here and they've taken on much more meaning since. We have some beautiful rare grooves and jazz from Irene Kral to Leon Ware. We hit the LA hip hop scene old and new from The Pharcyde to Madlib. We've made room for some Bowie, Red Hot Chillie Peppers and no LA mix would be complete without a few notes from Jane's Addiction. Hope you enjoy. There's so much great music from LA that there'll be another volume. Listen below or download here.

1. David Bowie "Changes" (Live in Santa Monica)
2. Irene Kral "Going to California"
3. Leon Ware "That's why I came to California"
4. Quasimoto "Blitz"
5. The Pharcyde "Groupie Therapy"
6. James Pants "Good Things"
7. Outlaw Blues Band "Deep Guilty"
8. Fela Kuti "Witchcraft" (Recorded live in Los Angeles)
9. Red Hot Chillie Peppers "Give it away"
10. Jane's Addiction "Then she did"
11. Darondo "Such a night"
12. Eddie Hazel "California Dreaming"
13. Yasuko Agawa "LA Nights"
14. Jose Feliciano "California Dreaming"

runtime: 54 mins

You have any favourite LA tracks? Let us know.