A dub plate of food

This little double 10 inch pressure from 1995 has been sitting on our record shelves for quite a few years, so long that we'd almost forgotten it was there. This release was a sampler for the DJ Food album "A Recipe for Disaster" with the choice cut being "Mr. Quickie Cuts The Cheese." This release is a slight departure from the DJ Food Jazz Breaks series that came before and sees a couple of hip hop/trip hop cut up tracks sit side by side with some proper jungle (not drum 'n bass) business.


Here's a quick history lesson from Ninja Tune Records.

DJ Food has been many persons, of who we will come to in a moment. DJ FOOD is best described as Food for DJs, simple as that, just flip it around and it begins to mean something entirely different.

Originally produced by Coldcut the DJ Food project started in 1990 with the release of Jazz Brakes. Jazz Brakes Volume 3 being the label's most successful early album. Not only are they effective collections of breaks, loops and samples ideal for mixing, remixing and producing - but also fine collections of funky jazz & hip hop tunes, that cut it just as well on the discerning dancefloor as in the safety of your own home... Since the growth of the abstract hip hop scene recent years the Jazz Brakes albums have proved to be ahead of their time Jazz Brakes Volumes 4 & 5, co-created with DJ/producer PC, are collections of finely crafted tunes that transcend the breakbeat compilation format to stand as artist albums in their own right. These latter DJ Food albums have developed with shades of latin, dub, techno, ambient, tribal, african and jungle flavouring the funk. The October '95 album entitled 'A Recipe For Disaster' was a conscious break from the five Jazz Brakes volumes to form more of an identity as an artist, and a remix album of tracks from all 6 LPs 'Refried Food' was released Feb '96. A new Studio album is being prepared by PC and Strictly Kev in various top secret kitchens across London as you read this. They are collaborating with various guests on this including Bundy K. Brown (ex-Tortoise, Directions in Music, Pullman) and Ken Nordine (60's word jazz poet).

For more info check the ninja site and their myspace. Download the tracks here.