Rock 'n Rolla Vol 1

Going to make this a quick post as playjazzloud is on the move this week. After putting together volume 2 of our singer song writer series we were inspired to go into the vaults and look through the rock section and dig out the classics. Hope you enjoy this slight shift in tone! Listen below, or on SoundCloud.

1. The Velvet Underground "Sunday Morning"
2. Bauhaus "The spy in the cab"
3. Pink Floyd "Hey you"
4. Radiohead "Morning bell"
5. The Smiths "How soon is now"
6. Galaxy 500 "Blue thunder (with sax)"
7. Jimi Hendrix "One rainy wish"
8. Elliot Smith "Speed trails"
9. Jesus and the Mary Chain "Drop"
10. David Bowie "Rock 'n roll suicide" (live)
11. The Cure "10:15 Saturday night"
12. The Pixies "Gigantic"
13. Ride "Drive blind"
14. The Clash "Stay Free"
15. Dinosaur Jr. "Just like heaven"
16. Arcade Fire "Rebellion (lies)"
17. Yo La Tengo "Don't have to be sad"
18. Spacemen 3 "Walkin with Jesus"
19. Primal Scream "Damaged"

runtime 1 hr 16 minutes. Enjoy!


King Megatrip said...

looking fwd to being able to DL this one on your soundcloud place... looks great!

Julian said...

sound cloud DL link is up now. go click above :)

King Megatrip said...

on the download now! thanks very much... always a fan of the "jazz sessions"... thanks!