Africa Sessions Vol 2

Africa is on the stage again. It's less than 300 days before the world comes to the continent for the 2010 World Cup and here are some great sounds from North, West, East and Southern Africa. This week's image from HVW8, great art all the time. Listen below or download from here or from SoundCloud.

1. Intro
2. Musafir "Ninderli (Intro)"
3. Hugh Masekela "Afro beat blues"
4. Tony Allen "Alutere"
5. Wunmi "Sweet Lullaby" (Yam Who? rework)
6. Nomo "Busy"
7. Gabo & the Orchestre Poly-Rhythmo "It's a vanity"
8. Mono Mono "Kenimania"
9. Mulatu & the Heliocentrics "Chik Chikka"
10. Hugh Masekela "Been such a long time gone"
11. Ouinsou Corneille & Black Santiago "Vinon so minsou"
12. Matata "Talkin Talkin"
13. Miriam Makeba "Samba"

run time just over an hour. Enjoy.


thebeathunters said...

thanx 4 the mixes and the very consistent quality of yer blog-i can't say the same for my shop! btw
i'm a great fan of tyler's artwork
feel free to catch some sounds at a bigger splash if you feel like it
keep on groovin'

Julian said...

hey thanks! will check your blog for sure. keep coming back :)

Gilles said...

Amazing !! very very very cool Mix !
(((Thanks for this nice job )))