Jazz Sessions Vol 19 - Strictly Jazz

We are focusing on the jazz tip this week, all jazz all the time. Jazz from US, Europe, Africa and Japan. Check it out and hopefully we will be back on a weekly schedule from now on. Listen below or download from here or check us out on SoundCloud.

1. Doug Carn "Moon Child"
2. Oscar Brown Jr. "Dat dere"
3. Dizzy Gillespie "Unicorn"
4. Phavia Kujichagulia "Muse"
5. Nathan Davis "Jive by five"
6. Miles Davis "Move"
7. Mulatu Astatke "Mulatu's Hideaway"
8. Emile Normand Sextet "Senor Blues"
9. Nostalgia 77 "Sketch for Gary, Billie goes to town"
10. Quasimode "Africa Village"
11. Jazz Symphonics "Althena"
12. John Coltrane "Equinox"
13. Werner Pfuller Quintett "Good Bait"

run time just over an hour. Enjoy.