2009 Rewind Vol. 2 (of 3)

Moving on from part 1 to part 2 of our 2009 rewind. We'd like to say this is strictly focused on jazz and rediscoveries but it's just not quite that easy to categories things these days! It's close though. Enjoy tracks from great albums this year such as Nicola Conte, Carlos Nino, Build an Ark, Mulatu & The Heliocentrics, Jimi Tenor and Tribe. Listen below, at SoundCloud or download from here.

1. Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood Ferguson "Find a way"
2. Alif Tree "Au Revoir"
3. Nicola Conte "Like leaves in the wind"
4. Gerardo Frisina "Samba skindim"
5. Black Velvet "An earthquake's coming"
6. Mr. Clean & the Soul Inc. "What's going on"
7. Linda Law "Nights in White Satin"
8. Pierce Brothers "Party person" (GERD Edit)
9. Build an Ark "This Prayer, for the whole world"
10. Eddie Harris "Exodus to Jazz"
11. Tribe "Vibes from the tribe"
12. Mulatu & the Heliocentrics "Chik Chikka"
13. Jimi Tenor and Tony Allen "Got my egusi"
14. Keziah Jones "International Area Boy"

Runtime: 1 hour 22 minutes