2009 Rewind Vol. 3 (of 3)

Here it is he final edition of our look back at 2009 and it is a monster. 30 tracks. Hip-hop, jazz, soul, indie pop, dubstep, house, boogie, and just about everything in between. Looking back it's been a good year. Not as many stand out albums but lots of great music and plenty of stuff that just didn't make the cut purely because we couldn't keep going for 4hrs plus! Listen below, on SoundCloud or download from here. Don't forget to check out Vol 1 and Vol 2 if you haven't already. Here's to a great 2010, more great music, and bring on the world cup!

1. Indigo Jam Unit "Dooinit"
2. DJ Mitsu & the Beats ft. Wildchild "The game changer"
3. Mos Def ft. Slick Rick "Auditiorium"
4. Mr. Scruff "Listen Up"
5. Air "Eat my beat"
6. Portishead "Chase the tear"
7. The Streets "Trust Me"
8. Kings of Convenience "Mrs. Cold"
9. God Help the Girl "I'm in love with the city"
10. Patrick Wilson "Beijing"
11. Jonathan Jeremiah "Happiness" (Quiet Village Remix)
12. Elan Mehler "I want to leave you"
13. Soil & Pimp Sessions ft. Jamie Cullum "Stolen moments"
14. Carlos Lamartine "Kimbemba"
15. Gilles Peterson presents Havana Cultura ft. Danay "Individual"
16. Sergio Ricardo & Glauber Rocha "Abertura"
17. Balanco Povo "Novo Dia"
18. Julien Dyne ft. Mara "Layer"
19. Quadron "Pressure"
20. Destiny in Time Band "You bring out the best in me"
21. DJazz Vol 7 "Lunchtime"
22. LCD Sound System "Lies" (Theo Parrish Remix)
23. Joy Orbison "Hyph Mngo"
24. Rainer Truby "To know you"
25. Four Tet "Love Cry"
26. Massive Attack "Pray for rain"
27. Electric Wire Hustle "Tom Boy"
28. Fudge Fingas "Situation diminished"
29. J Rawls and John robinson present Jay Are "The Lee Morgan Story"
30. Nouvelle Vague "So Lonely"

runtime 1:53 minutes